Is there a grey zone between friendship and love? Two women have been friends since university, when one of them finds herself standing before Pandora's Box. Over the years her friend has become her muse, and she’s curious to know what could be. But she also knows that after expressing her honest thoughts, there’s no way back. Will her curiosity be worth the cost? And is a  relationship still salvageable in the aftermath?


​Pandora is an interdisciplinary theatre piece that explores the concept of opening Pandora's Box through the intricacies of female friendship. The concept was first developed during a residency at theater Het Huis in Utrecht, and is currently a

work in progress.


Created & performed by: Kaho Koda & Merel van 't Hooft

Original music by: Hi Pryce

Visual art by: Nimra Bandukwala

Pandora Het Huis Sticky Tofee Theatre

My name is Sam

This is Sam. Sam has a bearded dragon for a pet and works at Analytical Logistics International, together with his best friend Alli. Until she suddenly doesn’t show up to work anymore. Sam is lost. When they finally meet again, everything has changed.


My name is Sam is a physical theatre play that explores the extreme side of loneliness in a digital age, and its effects on mental health when left unchecked.


Created and directed by: Chloe Lanham & Merel van ‘t Hooft

Performed by: Chloe Lanham, Merel van ‘t Hooft & Tanaka Chikura